Tuesday, 30 May 2017

In New York it seems like there's no Monday or Saturday or Sunday. The town is always moving. The vibe is great. 

-Thierry Henry

I am sorry if you have not been to New York City, it is a special place and I think there is not anyplace exactly like it.  I love NY.

It is a place where you get out of a cab, look around and you are instantly familiar with the area.... you have seen many movie scenes on the Courthouse steps, admired dozens of sunsets from the Brooklyn Bridge and crammed onto countless rides on the Subway. Millions  have swaggered down the numbered streets both East and West, admiring stylish buildings with doormen and mysterious inhabitants. 
What to do first?! Well there is not much time to recover from an inordinately long flight and there is so much to see, I don't usually limit myself but being a woman with Parkinsons I know how to take it down a cog or two or three and ease into a new environment. The first hour we battled the freeway traffic in a cab from JFK airport to our accommodation near Columbus Circle, that night we dined at the small restaurant next to our very humble hotel. This is where it hits us. New Yorkers are LOUD and after a drink or two they don't mind who hears their opinions, problems, issues and ideals. Fortunately the bar is long and narrow and the louder patrons are towards the front, then a woman who looks like Woody Allen's sister and her companion arrive and so does their quarrel. The two are intensely going over the situation, he is affronted due to waiting two hours for her. We don't hear her response and the ensuing discussion but it escalates and Ms Allen is left alone at the table, the man is outside and agitated. The police quickly arrive and the man is taken away. Apparently he is not on his medication.  This is a surprise to us.  The waitress says this is normal. Wouldn't happen in Australia. 
New York is safe and easy to get acquainted with the streets and subways, everyone is helpful and friendly in a busy noncommittal way. The first morning we meet Andy and Chrissy our radioparkies DJ friends and walk the short distance to the Number 1 attraction in NYC, Central Park. It is majestic, glorious and a magnificent place for the people to enjoy, we hire a row boat for $US15, it's a magical hour on the lake. Seeing the city skyline from the quiet watery perspective akin to a bubble. We see squirrels, dogs, regular park visitors, big groups and small, bubble blowers, hot dog sellers and acrobatic buskers extolling their virtues to the crowd in a non-bashful exhibition of athleticism and fun. 
That night we: Andy, Chrissy, Matt and I take the train to New Jersey to have a meatball party with DJ Laura, and her family, DJ Pete and DJ Jimmy. Our hosts collect us from the station stopping on our way at the famous Del Ponte's Bakery to buy cannoli, the shop is bursting with fancy cakes, cookies and Italian pastries, bread and rolls. We enjoy a wonderful meal, many laughs and drinks, the night goes by so quickly. We fill DJPete's car and are transported back to NYC. It's a wonderful place to be.

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