Saturday, 24 September 2016

Radioparkies and Portland Oregon WPC

Today is our last day in Portland, the World Parkinson's Congress closed yesterday. What a week it's been! The Radioparkies team worked together very well, and showed amazing  dedication and enthusiasm throughout the entire congress. It takes a village to support people living with Pd and the tribe was strong and on point. Lots of laughs and new connections have been made and the networking and socialising a highlight also. The vibe at the Portland Convention Centre was jovial and friendly, the feeling of support and community strong. Every person was interested in learning, sharing and also getting acquainted with old mates and meeting people in person, whom they may have corresponded with over many years.
Portland is an easy city to navigate through, the trams and buses are easy and plentiful, watch out though, the tram tracks can be treacherous.
My poster 40.04, called webradio station entertaining and informing PLWP,  went up on the Tuesday afternoon and we were flat chat at the Radioparkies booth and doing interviews until 3:30 Friday with social gatherings to attend every evening. So busy. So great!
So much to experience on the program, but would have needed a clone to do half of it. All of the sessions will be available on the WPC2016 app, this means everyone will be able to access the information. We managed to attend the Rock Steady Boxing session at the Renewal Room, it was fun, energetic and empowering. Many of the RSB coaches were in attendance as volunteers and the feeling in the room was powerful! Something like this will happen in Brisbane, my home town.
Everyone we talked to was very responsive to Radioparkies and the concept excited all. Interviews to look forward to from the WPC are: Glen Prestidge, Laura Hitchens, Steve Sant, Ken Lee, Roger Halleen, Nan Little, Becky Farley. More interviews will also happen now that everyone is heading home.
It was a terrific week, people who helped in any way are appreciated, when life returns to a regular pattern more stories will be forthcoming. I look forward to sharing the Night of the Trifecta, the missing pants and Keeping Portland Weird.

Here is my Friday radio show, the S List, recorded live in Portland Oregon, home of the 4th WPC 

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