Saturday, 10 September 2016

Never Alone

These two words feel so comfortable and cosy. I read them many times each week, my friend 
DJJimmy was the first one I know to use them. Such a powerful message when struggling with anything but especially when living with a chronic degenerative neurological disease. So what's it like? It's often being unsure, losing confidence, forgetting threads of conversations, stumbling along when everyone else is gliding like swans, feeling like a stiff robot, shaking like it's freezing when it's just a little cool, sweating like its a heatwave when it's just a little warm. It's also having renewed empathy and understanding because the news of diagnosis has knocked you for six. The state of being vulnerable, which has always had negative connotations is now about being authentic and honest. Life is hard and when living with Parkinson's it's often difficult to do ordinary things easily and in a normal amount of time. Bradykinesia is the name given to the slowness of movement that PWP often have. Anhedinia is the name for the apathy that can make everything worthless and who cares anyway. Dystonia is the term for the most terrible muscular spasms you can imagine, the body taking on a contorted, painful and weird life of its own. Dyskinesia is abnormality or impairment of voluntary movement. This is the tip of the iceberg and everyone has different symptoms. 

All the above are the reasons that over 4000 people are registered for the fourth World Parkinson Congress in Portland. Top international health professionals, carers, people living with Parkinson's, and many more are coming together to share hope, news, ideas, and inspiration. Scientists and health professionals want to share with their counterparts. Creative and passionate people will share and we will embrace. But collectively, we are all wanting better treatments and improved outcomes for PLWP. Mostly the people with Pd just want to hang out with the friends they have made on social media support groups, partake in the activities, be inspired by the talented and listen for ways to make life easier for us and our families. The elusive cure will most probably not be announced. But we will enjoy what is now and that in itself is a gift to be cherished. 

Radioparkies will be represented by many DJs and associates in the Exhibitors Hall booth 820, come by and say hello. We love to meet new people and share our love of the radio station and shows that are produced by people with pd. 

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