Tuesday, 6 September 2016



Driving into downtown Vancouver the taxi driver tells us the the properties are worth millions 
Arrived at our hotel, Rosdale on Robson in Vancouver Canada at 8am after a flight of over 13 hours from Brisbane, Australia. Our suite was ready and sooooo comfortable. Shower and nap then off to the Granville Island markets, lunch at Bridges. Whilst searching for moccasins for Matt's mum we founds heaps of cool stuff: Canadian flag hip flask, Vancouver Millionares Cardigan and, fat quarteres for my next log cabin quilt etc, etc. I must say it was an outstanding day! The average person in Vacouver is courteous, friendly and secretly cool. The street people are ever present and humble "hello, can I ask you for 75cents?" The seagulls were monsterous and polite too. 

A vintage sports shop caught our eye at the Granville Island Market, we like retro and original logos, what caught our attention was the Vancouver Millionares Hockey team logo. A team long gone but the V lives on in history and on hats, t shirts, cardigans. The Vancouver Millionares won the Stanley Cup in 1915, in a five game play off the Millionares beat the Senators. The shop paid homage to many champion baseball and ice hockey teams, the sales guy was so fun and friendly.  
What's this got to do  with PD?
Some big personalities in American sports will be at the upcoming World Parkinson Congress, and I hope to interview some of them, champions that are encouraging PWP to live with hope and strength Brian Grant, Maryum May May Ali, Ben  Petrik.
Ordinary PWP who are not sports stars but champions of the people are on my list too and I invite all attending the WPC in Portland 20-23 September to visit the Radioparkies Booth 820 and say hello.
Poutine, fish tacos and wine at the hotel sports bar completed our first day in Canada, what a fabulous day.
So rich in many ways

Thanks DJRobert for filling in for me, here is the latest show. 



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    1. Frances, it is seriously a great place to be. Feeling very happy

  2. great you had a wonderful day!

    1. That was just the first day, so much to do.....

  3. Love your commentary. Fabulous city a lot like Brissie
    too. Enjoy

    1. Thankyou June, lots of nice vibe here like home. Will need to write a travel diary to remember it all