Saturday, 17 September 2016


Being present and in the moment is an essential tool when it comes to living with Parkinson's disease and ordinary lives as well.  The realisation that now is the most important time is a true gift.  I believe that a diagnosis of a chronic degenerative disease is an event so life changing for the person diagnosed and the close family.  It is a difficult time, but also a time to embrace true feelings. Some people, friends and family, don't know what to say when they hear this news and so they say nothing. In the early stages most people say the parkinson symptoms can't be noticed. Most PWP testify that it all starts with a twitching of the finger. Personally not being as agile was and is still surprising to me, ordinary little things like putting things in bags, walking, getting out of a low chair all take on a new dimension. I feel awkward, and I know it can be hard to see me doing things that require dexterity. But I'm not giving up. Parkie friends have said that others have accused them of being drunk. Words can be slurred and walking a little wonky, it's the body taking on itself and too bad what the brain wants. So walk with us and give us time to respond, give us a minute more to get going. 

Mindfulness is a way of making the brain be still and concentrating on now and not projecting the mind to something unknown. This is certainly a good thing to learn about and practice, a friend is doing a course in it and needs guinea pigs. My arm shot up like someone with dystonia. 

The philosopher Eckhart Tolle has a lot to say about consciousness and talks about it in very easy terms. Dogs! Looking at a dog and into its eyes you can sense the dogs being and it enhances your ability to feel your own being, to enjoy what is happening now. The dog loves to see you, and experiences a lot of joy when you pat it and acknowledge its presence, it is so wonderful to be alive and so great to be with you. Isn't that a great response. Babies are similar, we don't pat them but we connect and make some communication with them, and you can feel your own being.

Recently I saw some ideas exchanged about Ego and Pride on social media. It started with someone saying that when diagnosed with Young Onset Pd that letting go of pride early will help immensely.
Sense of self was being referred to, not vanity and pride of appearance. 

The World Parkinson's Congress will see a lot of people who are Parkinson's proud and happy to be together to learn, support and have understanding. The glow of acceptance and the experience of meeting new people who understand will carry us forward. 
That why I love it's run by Parkies for Parkies and other cool people. All around the world we can connect this way through the forums, chat, live radio shows and more. It's not organisations telling us whats good for us, its just about being present.

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