Monday, 25 July 2016

Sometimes things don't go as planned

Last week, some of the radio shows on could not be broadcast as there was something happening that was out of our control. The best efforts were made by our technical team to get the shows out, but to no avail. So what did I do? I had the night off!!

So this week on Wednesday at 8pm Brisbane time,  I will endeavour to produce the Whistling Songs show from last Wednesday.

Whistling Songs - All the songs on the play list have a little or a lot of whistling . The greats of music have put out songs with a little interlude of whistling, sometimes at the start of the song, in the middle or at the end. Fine robust sounds or breathy imperfect sounds, the whistle is an instrument itself. 
I have always loved to whistle, especially whistling along to Billy Joel's song Stranger and Bryan Ferry singing Jealous. But I find my whistle is not as loud as it once was. Is this due to Parkinsons? At the park, I call my dog Indy with a very soft whistle, which she can hear, I'm sure she can, she just wants to keep playing.   

Friday morning DJRobert sat in for me while I went to Melbourne with my Craft Group. Rob had a great show lined up, but alas, there was an issue with that show also. This time I think the gremlins or pokemons were the cause of the problem, but Rob did his best and held his own.

I travelled to Melbourne for the weekend to meet up with an amazing, supportive group of crafters and artists for Christmas in July lunch. Ah what fun!
While in Melbourne, I caught the newly opened exhibit - Making the Australian Quilt, at The National Gallery of Victoria. A beautiful and simple display of intriguing Aussie quilt history, some immense works of art still as vibrant in colour as the year they were made and others made from samples of suits or old clothes. So many stitches, so many stories, one of my favourites was located at a Melbourne market about ten years ago as a cover for merchandise. It is made from a wonderful collection of 1960's dress fabrics. Its maker is unknown. So, don't forget to make a label for your quilts, the next generation will want to know who the clever and industrious sewer was. The label I am embroidering is not finished, I think it needs a little more.....  


  1. I'm sorry I missed the Exhibition. Was really looking forward to it but plans changed. Next time. Was a wonderful weekend.

    1. Sometimes things don't go as planned. There's always next time.