Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sing a happy song

Show Tunes

Music can take you anywhere and show tunes definitely make me feel happy, except for those annoying ones. Can't think of any annoying show tunes at the moment, my head is full of happy songs and the verve of the music I've been listening to whilst preparing for the Wednesday radio show.

Happy talk....you've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream......

Oh happy days.....

Fly me to the moon....

If I were a rich man.....

Music therapy
Studies show that people with music in their lives on a regular basis have a more positive frame of mind. It's great to belt out some show tunes and researchers working with elderly residents in a USA care home showed marked improvements of those who sang along with show tunes compared to those who just listened. A recent episode of Compass on ABC Australia TV showed remarkable changes with elderly people involved with music therapy.

Science tells us that the attitude of gratitude is a good health choice and being grateful often makes us more optimistic and happy. When you are conscious of your blessings and are grateful for them, you are focussed on the good things and this sends the brain a good message.

Interview  with Mark Ereira, entertainer, book binder and Parkie philosopher.

Let Your Voice be Heard

Turn on Radioparkies listen live at 20:00hrs Brisbane EST Australia http://www.radionomy.com/en/radio/radio-parkies

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