Saturday, 16 July 2016

Patience is a virtue

There was never a more true statement. 

Finally, a quilt I've been working on sporadically for at least 18 years is finished. It's been an organised event, I collected offcuts from all the projects that ever crossed my cutting board and those were cut to one and three quarter inch slices and kept in a Tupperware slice container. Over the years this was added to until the container was full, then I felt a bit more variety was needed, some different pieces that I wouldn't have chosen. I placed a request on Facebook and received four packets of fabric from around Australia and a special parcel from Israel also. The collection was complete. 
I was working on the oldest Bernina sewing machine, in fact it's older than me. My sister in law Robyn, who sews and sews and knows so much about machines advised a new machine was in order, something with modern conveniences. So I got a Pfaff..... Wow! Into the new age I limped, I'm not as fast as some, but slow and steady.... The quilt is eight rows of eight blocks, it has been quilted professionally, the binding hand sewn and finished on Friday while I listened to my radio shows with my elderly parents. The last thing is a label, more on that another time.

This week on the radio show the special guest, Robert Clarke aka DJRobert, talked about his interests, one of which is building his own car. The process is taking a long time, I won't tell you how long, you'll have to listen to the show if you haven't already. 

The Wednesday playlist is Songs about Birds, so many birds have been captured in song:  I like Birds,Rockin Robin, Bird on a Wire.... 
Friday is the ''L List"

Friday morning radioshow and Wednesday night radioshow

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