Friday, 29 July 2016

On being fabulous

Sometimes I just can't help it, I'm fabulous! Other times I'm just me.....

This week I've been spectacular in a few ways.....I have indeed
- taken brisk morning walks
- organised support group meetings for which I will not be present because I've double booked
- started a paper diary to keep it all together
- produced two fantastic radio shows from my own home
- started my poster for the WPC poster displays
- planned the borders for a quilt
- talked with great people around the world

Not so splendid in some ways, but no need to dwell on that, onward and upward!!

Another thing that really is fantastically wonderful, is having contact with interesting people with great ideas. The world is an amazing place and I am so grateful for all the friendships and inspiring works that people do, whether it be artistic or altruistic or just plain fun. The people that have been on my Radioparkies radio show as special guests are spreading hope to persevere and offering an alternate view on life as they see it.

DJMadonna wants you! 

The motto of Radioparkies web based radio station is "Let Your Voice Be Heard". Radioparkies started over five years ago as a collaboration between Jean Paul De Cremer and George Hanks. Both men living with Parkinson's disease, Jean Paul in Belgium and George in England. Sadly George died a couple of years ago, but the dream to provide entertainment and information continues.  The radio station provides 24 hour music interspersed with DJs from around the world.....Australia, Belgium, England, France, Romania, Germany and USA. 
Guests on my radioshow are people living with Parkinson's, carers, family members, health professionals, PhD students, professors, Nuerologists....a self recorded talk is emailed to me and I play it on the show. It is easy.

I believe everyone has a story, will you share yours?

Send me an email at put DJMadonna in the subject line, I will send information on the process. All the people who have done a talk for the show have said it's a liberating experience. 

Friday morning  show

Wednesday night radio show

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