Friday, 1 July 2016

Happy Friday

Happy New Year! With the new year comes new beginnings, another chance to start anew. Have a look at life in a fresh way. Planning a NFY resolution? I am!  Here it is......Get more sleep 

The takeaway message from Linda Rondstadt in the interview below is really vital for everyone and especially for people living with Parkinson's. 
The recording of Friday's show is below. 

Further to what was mentioned in the interview,  LSVT BIG AND LOUD are treatments that specifically address the freezing symptoms that can occur with speech, walking and other activities of daily living.
There is  free webinar opportunity coming up on Wednesday 13 July 2016, give it a go.

Smaller steps and shuffling walk are classic traits of Parkinson's, it is possible to retrain your walking style. There are videos showing the exercises for LSVT BIG available on YouTube, it's all about big movements: big swinging arms, long steps and striking the heal first when walking. 
A soft voice is also very common with Parkinson's, LSVT LOUD is about speaking loudly and using the voice with intent, projecting the voice and making your voice be heard. 

Next Wednesday on my Radioparkies radio show

Show Tunes! Yes!  Special guest is Mark Ereira, Sydney

Get ready to sing along to your favourite songs from musicals old and new. 

Be transported to another place and time......

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  1. I think that singing along to your favourite musicals is an ideal way to add in some extra fun factor to the LSVT exercises. I hope there will be something from My Fair Lady!

    By the way, I love Matt's Jokes of the Week!!

    1. Yes...The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain

  2. We are always looking for more fun!