Thursday, 7 July 2016

I have a choice

Recently an article has been circulating that is so good, it must be shared. But not all at once! Oh no, it's good to ponder it piece by piece.

I always have a choice - It may not be an easy choice, but I have a choice. I did not choose to have Parkinson's disease, but I can choose how I live with it.

That is a powerful statement, there is truth and honesty.

This week on the radio show, a gentleman called Mark Ereira talked about the happiness of living in a care home and being able to give back by entertaining the residents with karioke and playing the harmonica. Mark played Fly Me to the Moon on the harmonica and sang Mona Lisa which were recorded for the show.

During the process of interviewing I have learnt the basics of editing which is sort of fun when the save button has been remembered is clicked on. The 'undo' is my favourite symbol. A new program has been installed because I'm trying to make a catchy jingle for the start of my show. Thanks Mr Tech! Hmmmmm, not managing very well, actually managing to do nothing but crash the program and fall asleep at the computer. If there is anyone out there with some jingle skills.....would love a cool intro to my show. Pretty please.
Actually, why not make it a jingle competition, the winner will have the glory of having the jingle played world wide on Radioparkies, send entries to

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