Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Keep Moving

Linda Rondstadt and DJ_Pete interview on Radioparkies 

Recording of Wednesday night Radioparkies show 

Linda and DJ_Pete talked on the phone recently, Linda talks candidly about the early signs and diagnosis of Parkinson's, family history. 

Linda spoke of LSVT therapy being helpful, every morning Linda does the LSVT exercises first thing, diet of low GI food and vegan diet is what works for her. 

DJ_Pete thanked Linda for 'coming out' about having Parkinson's, and it has raised the profile and awareness that anyone can get Parkinson's. 

Music - Linda Rondstadt gems: You're No Good, I'll never Marry with Johhny Cash, Tumbling Dice, Different Drum. 
Country music: Eric Bibb, Neil Young, Maren Morris, Reba McIntire and more

Joke of the week - another fun joke from Matt Brady


LSVT Global - free Parkinson's webinar opportunity July 13, 2016
Go to the website to register 

Young at Park Support Group meeting 4-7-17 contact Parkinson's Qld

Light of Day Concert Australia 22 & 23 July, Ocean Grove Victoria. 
Go to for tickets

Thinking back

The simple things, like brushing teeth, washing dishes, sewing and knitting can be much more difficult when affected by Parkinson's. But it is hard to describe, I remember not being able to put things into bags, and typing had become much more difficult and I was relying on my right hand more. I was feeling old and really stiff, my gait was weird, I didn't realise that my left arm wasn't swinging and my foot was dragging a little when I walked.  But what really got me worried was the inability to do jazz hands! My right hand could shake but my left hand would not move. 
More public awareness about Parkinson's will lead to early diagnosis and therapy can begin. 

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