Sunday, 12 June 2016

Djmaddyb is in da house!

Testing testing....123

Every week I broadcast two radio shows via the web based radio station
It's the only radio station in the world powered by people with Parkinson's for people with Pd, their friends and family. is about entertainment and information for people living with Parkinson's and it's based in Belgium. The music broadcast is 24 hours/7days and scheduled DJ's present radio shows at specific times.

My shows are on Wednesday 20:00hrs - 21:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time and Friday 08:00hrs, special guests on the show, give a short insight into their lives, perspectives and adventures as People Living With Parkinson's or people associated with Parkinson's i.e. health professionals, PD organisations CEO's, researchers, Professors. Would you like to be a special guest on my show? Send me a message or email.

I like many styles of music, anything and everything from Soul, Alternative, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Indie Folk Music and present the shows with different themes. Previous themes have been: Family's of Music, Show Tunes, Reconciliation Week, One Hit Wonders, UK music of the 70's...

News of Parkinson's events local and global, information and chat

Join me this week for....

Wednesday 20:00hrs - 'Double Whammy Wednesday' and special guest Dave Morse.

Friday 08:00hrs - 'The H List' Songlist is all beginning with H or artists beginning with H.

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